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* [[ReplyBasedUponContent]] - a scrip to reply to an email based upon its content
* [[ReplyBasedUponContent]] - a scrip to reply to an email based upon its content
* [[ReplyToResolved]] - a scrip condition to detect all ticket that are marked resolved;
* [[ReplyToResolved]] - a scrip condition to detect all ticket that are marked resolved;
* [[ShowDashboardTabs]] - add dashboards to the personal quickbar
* [[TicketIDMatches]].pm - a condition which triggers only one ticket by id;
* [[TicketIDMatches]].pm - a condition which triggers only one ticket by id;
* [[UntouchedInHours]] - scrip condition that checks if a ticket's LastUpdate is more than the specified number of hours;
* [[UntouchedInHours]] - scrip condition that checks if a ticket's LastUpdate is more than the specified number of hours;

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Contributions to RT

Contains info about software that third parties have contributed to RT. If you know of a contribution or enhancement that is not in this list, please add to the best section possible below, in alphabetical order. Also include notes about the RT versions tested.

You may also want to check the Documentation page because many articles there describe how to add features that RT does not have by default.

Packages that have their own installer have been moved to Extensions.

See Also the outdated Patches, whose content should be moved to the appropriate subsections below.

Coping with Spam

The techniques for dealing with spam span the divisions below and have been collected in a single place for easy review. Please see SpamFiltering, limiting additions to tricks that differ significantly from the existing material for conciseness.


Custom Conditions. Doesn't matter if it's module or text to fill into "user defined condition" block in the WebUI, all live here.

Many conditions are very simple and you can find a big list in CustomConditionSnippets.

*Please*, start wiki page names with "On" prefix if you don't want to add condition into CustomConditionSnippets.


Nice custom ScripActions that makes your life easier.

Template parts

Code that you can put into your mail Templates, Template page has also some code snippets.


Callbacks are an easy way to CleanlyCustomizeRT

  • CloningQueues - Add user functionality to clone existing queues including templates, scrips, privileges and custom fields during queue creation
  • CreateChildTicket - Add a button to the Ticket display to create a child ticket in another queue
  • HideTransactions - hide messages from a history view
  • ModifyQuery -Change default simple search behavior to in/ex-clude closed tickets, etc.
  • MakeClicky:Fedex - Make a link to Fedex tracking website whenever phrase looks like a tracking number
  • QuickResolveandQuickReject - Create two actions in Display page which allow you to reject or resolve the ticket without no comments.


Patches, Overlays, Mason components, configuration tools and so on. These extensions are unlikely to become RT core package.

Packages that have their own installer have been moved to Extensions - Below are code bits too small/experimental/etc. to warrant a standalone package:

External utils

Various standalone utilities.

  • backupRT - Run a quick backup of RT files (Debian)
  • backupRTDB - RT Database Backup Script (Debian)
  • Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::RT - an IRC Bot module that allows full querying of RT tickets from an IRC session. It can do as much as RT::Client::REST can.
  • CleanupSessions - Clean up old database sessions
  • CloseAll - Close all TT in a queue
  • ConvertLegacyToRt - Converts a Legacy Flat File to RT Tickets.
  • delete-transaction - Original version was old, poured out errors and didn;t work well on 3.8. This one is fixed.
  • DenormalizedViewsForReporting - Several views to allow SQL reporting outside of RT.
  • Email reminders
    • DueDateRemindersByEmail - A script (to be run daily) that sends email notifications for expired tickets to owners and Queues/Tickets AdminCC
    • rt-remind - Stick this in your crontab to send out reminders about open tickets.
    • rtReminderMails - Cronscript that sends mails about reminders that are due in the next two days to the ticket and reminder owners.
    • rtUnifiedreminder - All the other reminder scripts are based on StartDate, DueDate or Priority but not all organizations make use of those fields. Also, all the other scripts only send plaintext email to the ticket owner. This script sends one HTML mail (so you can click the tickets and links to RT searches) that lists all tickets that seem to be getting too old without being touched. "Too old" is based on LastUpdated field, with the amount of time configurable for New, Open and Stalled tickets.
  • F2Wcvs-to-rt - Tool to help converting from the F2W helpdesk system to RT
  • graph-mason-deps uses GraphViz to create a graph of which components call each other
  • html2mime - small perl script used to create a text/plain part from 100% html messages
  • mailfilter - spam checking and more
  • Mbox2Rt - import a unix-style mailbox into RT
  • ProcmailRecipes - procmail recipes used for email filtering
  • RT.bm is a plugin for mozbot that allows some minimal querying of RT tickets from an IRC session.
  • rt-adduser (docs) - command line tool to add RT users.
  • rt-batch-add-users - command line tool to add a batch of RT users based on data of a csv file.
  • [rt-batch-stats RT3BatchStats] - Command Line or batch statistics.
  • RtBounceHandler - scan bounce email for ticket details, then post essense of bounce info to that ticket.
  • rt-class-map-1.3-pl - Show methods available to specific RT objects.
  • rt-cvsgate (docs) - cvs integration for request tracker.
  • rt-escalate (ConfigureEscalation) - stick this in your crontab to escalate priority on tickets automatically
  • RTLogins - simple php script that creates a login report ("Who's using RT?")
  • rt_logins_email2ldap - script to convert email usernames to LDAP/Active Directory usernames
  • rt-google-charts - produce google charts for queue statistics
  • rt-on-pg-to-mysql - Convert your rt database from postgres to mysql.
  • rt-queues Shellscript called from procmail to sort E-Mails to the correct queue. Parses incoming mails and based on addresses in To: and CC: fields automatically sorts mails to the correct queue. This makes changing your MTA configuration for every new queue obsolete.
  • RtTalkToSelf - a mail filter script that allows a single RT instance to have one ticket as the "external requestor" of another.
  • scan-and-set - sample perl script to all the text attachments of open tickets for a text string and set a custom field with the result.
  • statdump/statcron - script and cronjob to generate RT management reports. The original URL is defunct, but a patched version of the scripts are still in listarchives. An updated version that fixed AverageTickets calcs and CURDATE selection used to be available at http://www.lei.net.au/stats.tgz.
  • CountTickets - a BASH script to count tickets in a MySQL db.
  • ShredderControl - a BASH script to shred tickets using RTx-Shredder.
  • MigrateBugzillaToRT - Migrate a Bugzilla instance cleanly to RT
  • IntegrateSphinx - How to integrate the Sphinx full-text search engine into RT

Browser Tools

Database Queries