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This condition appears to be missing a database row as part of the example

package RT::Condition::TicketIDMatches; use RT::Condition::Generic; use strict; use vars qw/@ISA/; @ISA = qw(RT::Condition::Generic); =head2 IsApplicable This happens on every transaction. it's always applicable =cut sub IsApplicable { my $self = shift; if ($self->TicketObj->Id eq $self->Argument) { return(1); } else { return(undef); } eval "require RT::Condition::TicketIDMatches_Vendor"; die $@ if ($@ && $@ !~ qr{^Can't locate RT/Condition/TicketIDMatches_Vendor.pm}); eval "require RT::Condition::TicketIDMatches_Local"; die $@ if ($@ && $@ !~ qr{^Can't locate RT/Condition/TicketIDMatches_Local.pm}); 1;