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Did you miss the old StockAnswers that was included with RT2? Here's a completley rewritten RT extension for those who don't wish to install RTFM or for pre-RT3 users.

StockAnswers is no longer being maintained (as of 2011) and is not compatible with RT4. Its functionality has been superseded by RTFM (Articles in RT4). If you need to convert RT3 StockAnswers to RTFM Articles, here is a script that can do that:


From the README ( :


StockAnswers for RT is a solution for allowing users to insert predefined templates into their replies. This might be useful for people who are looking for a simple alternative to RTFM.

It requires client-side JavaScript to be activated.

Long Description

StockAnswers relies on administrative groups to control permissions to edit the queue templates. By default, all RT users with SuperUser rights will be able to edit templates for all queues.

If a user belongs to a group named: [=QueueName<ADMIN_POSTFIX>], he or she will be able to edit the templates for that queue. The ADMIN_POSTFIX is set to "_Admin" by default. To change this, see the StockAnswers Configuration.

Use the [=Tools/StockAnswers/index.html] application to modify and create templates. If a directory for a queue does not exist, it will be automatically created. Take special note to ensure that the ownership of the template directories belong to the RT system user: i.e. apache or rt.

Every time a template is saved, a backup of the original is created in the templates/backup folder. Templates cannot be permanently deleted, they are moved to the templates/backup folder by default. Only privileged system users may delete backup or deleted files from the filesystem.

When a template for a specific queue is created, user will be able to select that template from the dropdown list on the Update.html page. Only global and queue-specific templates are displayed in the selection. JavaScript is used to dynamically refresh the textarea form field with the contents of the template.


StockAnswers Configuration


Restarting RT is not neccessary for changes to take effect.


Depending on your configuration, users may only be allowed to edit certain queues. For example, if you set an ADMIN_POSTFIX under the StockAnswers Configuration, only users in an RT group named: [=Queue_Name<ADMIN_POSTFIX>] will be allowed to edit templates for that queue.

For example, if you defined an ADMIN_POSTFIX to "_Admin", users in the group named global_Admin will be able to edit those specific templates. If the ADMIN_POSTFIX is not defined, users can edit templates associated with their list of queues.


If you allow ’Everyone’ to edit global templates, you do not have to create a global<ADMIN_POSTFIX> group. All RT users will be allowed to global templates. By default, users with SuperUser rights are allowed to edit global templates.

StockAnswers Template Editor


A new directory will be created for a queue if it does not exist.

StockAnswers Reply Template


Both global and queue-specific templates will appear under the StockAnswers template select pull-down on the Update.html page. This functionality was original written by Robert Spier with contributions by Byron Ellacott.

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