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This script, written in BASH, will query for how many tickets there are in the DB for either all status (configurable inside the script) or a supplied argument naming a queue.

 Statuses=( new open stalled resolved rejected deleted )
 if [ $1 ] ; then Statuses=( $* ) ; fi
 for Status in ${Statuses[@]} ; do
   echo -en "$Status:\t"
   if [ ${#Status} -lt 7 ] ; then echo -en "\t" ; fi
   count=`echo "select count(*) from Tickets where Tickets.Status=\"$Status\";" | mysql rt3`
   count=`echo $count | awk '{print $2}'`
   echo -e "$count\t`date -d '7 hours ago' '+%D %T'`"

I echo the time after each entry in case it takes a while for each query to finish - for use in timing ticket count changes (perhaps while watching RTx-Shredder at work).

This is especially handy for 'deleted' tickets. Those aren't searchable via the RT interface.