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This is Template part that allow use multiple outgoing email addresses for same queue

Where do you need it?

For example you have and and wish track requests in one queue with no effect for user. You set mail relaying to from Queue is working but RT uses as outgoing address for all request. Users are confused usual. He wrote to one address and gets answer from another. With this example you can track down

  {use vars qw($replyto); # define global var for this template
  # original 'To:'
  my $orig_to = $Ticket->Transactions->First->Message->First->GetHeader('To');
  $replyto = $orig_to || ''; # default if 'To:' was unspecified.
  return '';}From: {$replyto}
 Sender: {$replyto}
 Reply-To: {$replyto}

NOTE: Don't add any character between '}' and 'From'

See also UseActorAsSender