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This Version is for LimeSurvey smaller than version 2.


When a ticket is closed out this scrip will use LSRC to make changes to a Limesurvey survey. In this case, it adds a token to the survey that is set to the ticket number. After configuring LimeSurvey for LSRC, i had to add SOAP::Lite to the RT machine.


  • Custom action preparation code:
return 1;
  • Custom action cleanup code:
use SOAP::Lite; 
use strict; 
use warnings;

my $service = SOAP::Lite->service('http://webserver/limesurvey/survey/admin/remotecontrol/lsrc.server.php?wsdl');

my $surveyid = SurveyID; 
my $token = $self->TicketObj->id; 
my $username = 'limesurvey user'; 
my $password = 'password';

my $retval = $service->sInsertToken( $username, $password, $surveyid, $token );

return 1;