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Please write in brackets to which version(s) of RT the patch applies

Ideally, you should submit your patches to and include a URL to's RT instance for your patch.

Submitting AutomatedTests with your patches is a good thing.

Because I did not have time to comment the patches we use at our site, but mentioned patching under CleanlyCustomizeRT, I will post a link here to our patches directory . These holds of patches, which are automatically applied to our RT-Installation on each version upgrade. There is no guarantee, that all of the patches work on your site (some documentation which might help you is inside every patch file). Some patches are from me, some others are taken from me out of the maillists. Some patches might need some other customizations in the /local/html tree, so be cautious when trying. On the other hand all these patches are productive on our site and well tested (DirkPape).

Bug Fixes

Feature Enhancements