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RT is an open source issue tracking and workflow platform developed and supported by Best Practical Solutions. This wiki site is a free resource for the RT community to share ideas, configurations, and customizations to RT, RTIR, and related products.

About RT Documentation

In addition to the information found here, you can find RT's documentation in your install of RT on the server and also on the web at the Best Practical website. The Best Practical blog and the Community Forum are also great resources for RT information. Best Practical also offers commercial support services to help get the most out of RT and RTIR.

This site is a wiki, like Wikipedia, which means you can edit it right in your browser. If you use RT and have found it valuable, UpdateTheWiki, post your hints, tricks, tips and tools about how to get the most out of RT. If you currently use RT, please head over to RTUsers and add yourself and your organization to the user list.

As RT is continually evolving, the documentation and user configurations need to be kept up to date. Various pages on this wiki are marked as Outdated.

If you have a few moments, take a look at the pages marked on this wiki as Outdated and see what you can update. In some cases, the pages might just need to be linked to an older RT version, in others, the content needs replacing or brought in to line with current practice.

Getting Started with RT

If you're new to RT, start with the UserManual. We also have a page with Videos with introductory and more advanced features.

Current Sections

You can go through these pretty much in order if you're starting from scratch, but please plan to spend some quality time with the UserManual before you try to go live; RT is big and full of tons of features, and you probably can't get your head around all of it in one sitting.

Historical Sections

RT has been in development for over 20 years, so information on this wiki dates back to many different versions. These sections may contain information on older versions of RT that is no longer completely accurate for modern RT. Pages known to be updated should be moved up to the Current Section.

Common problems

Wish lists

Getting started with MediaWiki

To learn more about how to edit wiki pages, click the Help link here or in the navigation on the left.

We have installed the Markdown plugin, so you can edit pages in Markdown.

Several years ago, we moved the wiki from Wikia as noted on the Wikia Move page.