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RT speaks a number of languages. Here is the status for each language in the latest release and future releases. If your language isn't listed or isn't fully translated, you can help make RT more friendly to your friends and coworkers. Read on for details.

How to help

The current system for translation coordination is documented at TranslationRosetta. We're using the online collaboration tools provided by to allow just about anyone to help translate RT.

Committer Info

If you are a committer, here are the instructions you should follow to update po files in the repository from Rosetta.

1. Upload all translation in the repository to Rosetta

(This step can be ignored if no translation changes have been made in the repository.)

When possible, we should refrain from committing new translations directly into our repository - They should be uploaded to Rosetta, either by the contributor or by you.

Prospective translators should be directed to TranslationRosetta, though we should never refuse a contributed .po file if the translator can't or won't use Rosetta.

If we have committed po file updates directly, please run the procedure documented in step 3.

Please note that Rosetta does not like .po file changed without the Last-Translated-Date header updated accordingly.

2. Merge from Rosetta

Click 'Download po' on the Rosetta translation page. The system will send you a mail with the link for the tar.gz file for the .po. run

perl devel/tools/ <URL>

to merge the changes from Rosetta. This script also runs extract-message-catalog for you, so your lib/RT/I18N will be updated with latest translation from Rosetta and the latest templates extracted from the source code.

Commit the changes in lib/RT/I18N.

3. republish what's in the repository

This step is to republish our imported changes and updated template as the "published" source on Rosetta, so strings changed there will be marked as "synced", since they are now in our repository as well.

You must be a member of the rt project on launchpad to do so.

The command-line tools used earlier no longer work with the current version of the launchpad login service. You must upload through the web interface manually.


cd share/po
tar cfvz rt-pot.tar.gz *.po *.pot

Go to the RT translation project page and click on upload and follow the directions to upload rt-pot.tar.gz

The translation will be imported after a few hours.

Please contact rt-devel mailing list if there's any question regarding this process.