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A Ticket (or Request) is a collection of information concerning some subject to be tracked.

一个 申请单 (或 请求单 )是一个有关被跟踪的某问题的信息的集合。

RT keeps track of everything that happens to a ticket, including internal discussions and discussions with the originator.

RT 与一个申请单发生的一切进行交互,包括内部的讨论和与发起人的讨论。

A ticket has the following:


  • a Requestor - the User that is waiting for the issue to be resolved. In some cases there may be no requestor on a ticket or more than one.
  • an Owner - the User that is currently responsible for resolving the issue.
  • zero or more CCs who are treated like co-requestors.
  • zero or more AdminCCs who are treated like co-owners.
  • A ticket belongs to a Queue. A Queue can be used to hold a certain "class" of tickets, e.g. those that should be handled by a particular group of Users.
  • a Priority
  • a DueDate
  • data on how much time has been spent on a ticket.
  • Relationships to other tickets
  • 一个 请求者 RequestorCN——等待某问题被解决的 用户 UserCN。在一些案例中一个申请单可能没有请求者或者有很多。
  • 一个 承办人 OwnerCN——当前负责解决问题的 用户 UserCN
  • 零个或多个 抄送人 CCCN 被视为共同请求人。
  • 零个或多个 管理员抄送人 AdminCCCN 被视为共同承办人。
  • 一个申请单属于一个 队列 QueueCN。一个队列可以被用来容纳一个某分类的申请单,例如,那些应该被一组特别的用户处理的。
  • 一个 优先级 PriorityCN
  • 一个 到期日期 DueDateCN
  • 在一个申请单上花费多少时间的数据。
  • 与其他申请单的 关系 RelationshipsCN