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A Queue is a group of Tickets in RT that are logically related. All issues in a single Queue can be handled by a more-or-less homogeneous group of people inside an organisation (like the people in the sales department, or a group of people that can deal with customer requests for software licenses, or the service department).

一个 队列 是 RT 中的一组有逻辑关系的 申请单 TicketCN 。一个单独队列中的所有的问题可以被一个组织里的一组基本同类型的人来处理(像销售部门中的人,或者处理用户的软件序列号请求的一组人,或者服务部门)。

A very good rule of thumb for RT system managers is: when you find yourself regularly adding or removing queues in the system, you are using the wrong concept of queues. The queue system in RT mirrors the organisation that uses that instance of RT, and normally the organisational structure does not change very often.

一个对 RT 系统管理员来说好的经验:当您发现您自己经常在系统中添加或者移除队列的时候,您正在使用错误的队列的概念。在 RT 中,队列系统映射使用 RT 实例的组织,并通常该组织的结构不会经常改变。

The Rights system in RT can allow users or groups of users different rights on different queues. This makes it possible to hide developments in the R&D department in a company from the Sales force, but also to allow service people to check on sales issues if this is desired.

在 RT 中,权利 RightsCN 系统允许用户或者用户的组在不同的队列有不同的权利。这使得在一个公司中对销售人员隐藏 R&D 部门中的新开发活动成为可能,但是又允许服务人员核查销售问题,如果这是必须的。