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  • This page is out of date. Please see WishList or the rt3 queue at instead.*

The RT3StatisticsPackage has its own wish list here.

Work in progress

  • Global Custom Fields disabling on queue level
  • Required Custom fields. It was discussed many times, but people still want it.
  • Hiding/Suppressing of global scrips per Queue
  • Functionality to clean out (/purge/) old and dead tickets from the DB.
  • Porting database connectivity to DB2
  • Web front-end customizability via CSS.
    • It's partly customizable via CSS in 3.x versions(see webrt.css file), more work in 3.3.x(unstable)
  • Printer friendly view of tasks and queue.
    • This can be done with special CSS rules for printed media --RuslanZakirov
      • Implemented in RT 3.5
  • Option for a javascript or DHTML date selector on date/time fields for faster entry.
    • Implemented in RT 3.5

Wiki Wishlist

  • Much of the documentation here is old and not relevant to the current version.
The individual articles are not grouped in
in any version order and have no indication of versions. I think a version number(s) should be indicated on each
article and the index as well if all the articles are put together as they are now. --Stephen Hancock
  • It would be nice to have a SpamWhitelistRequest page where editors could add requests to have certain domains whitelisted, so that their hyperlinks do not appear as spam. Admins could check it periodically and update the KWiki accordingly. -Sciolizer
  • Regular style pull-down menus instead of small boxes
  • The abilitiy to dynamically create copies of a custom field within a ticket (okay we need to enter another budget code, now another... )
  • The abilitiy to dynamically create copies of groups of custom fields within a ticket (okay we need to enter another of whats above, now another... )
  • Folding quotes in mail from requestors (Regex ?)
  • How about alternate email addresses for a user? I have an odd situation, with an old UNIX system that handles multiple domains, people who forward their email off to other sites, etc. I'd like to be able to take the user 'bob' (, and add an alternate address that can be considered equivalent ( Not the easiest thing to implement, I'd guess. (as of 3.4, not present)
    • If there were custom fields for user objects, this would be fairly easy to implement with a custom field on the user (alternate address) that pointed an overlaid CanonicalizeEmailAddress to the right address -- could be parsed from the extra info, in absence of custom fields.
  • Release notes for all versions would be great
  • A Calendar System for Scheduling Apointments for a Technician(user of a gorup) on a Ticket that shows up for all users in a group.
    • It might be nice if such a calendar would be able to display reminders, due dates, etc.
  • Search form should be a simple textfield just like google textfield. Advanced customization should be shifted to a "Advanced Search Preferences". A simple note on top of the textfield should state in what order RT will search i.e Owner, Email id, subject, queue, priority etc. With just the subject as a required field. This will be like a C like char * argv parsing. -- Amit Kulkarni (
    • This appears to have been partially implemented in RT 3.6.3 and possibly earlier. Seems a bit wasteful though since there is a simple search box at the top of every page, including the "Search for tickets" page!!
  • Another great feature for RT is to have a current overview for logged in user. Somewhat like JIRA's Dashboard feature. JIRA has a saved filters (equivalent to RT's saved search URL), Assigned to me, and in progress... RT should have these + open watches (like ebay allows watch on items) -- Amit Kulkarni (


  • Modify the homepage for a privileged user that allows easy manipulation of the queues for new, unowned tickets. I think a system that is similiar to how webmail interfaces allow a user to check a group of messages and quickly move them to a folder. Currently, it takes four steps to modify a queue and return to the homepage.
  • Possibility to copy custom fileds from a queue to another queue
  • Indivual CSS preferences
  • Ability to edit the "Quick Search" box on RT at a glance to include e.g resolved calls.
  • A new out-of-the-box status "spam" which is the same as rejecting a ticket but automatically bypasses all scrips which alert requestors.
    • bypassing email could possibly be done by deleting any requestors

Unknown state

  • Ease of installation should be a major focus - right now the installation process is so complicated that it's a real barrier to evaluating your software. Why does it have to depend on so many extra modules?
  • Could someone provide up-to-date rpm packages? Both PauloMatos and Packman crash with Fedora Core 4
  • support for multiple instances included in base code. Patches are available at MultipleInstances, but I think it would be great if this were part of the sourcetree.
  • When updating multiple tickets, use a template solution from the RTFM Database same as you do for a regular ticket resolve/reply
  • Enhanced CustomFields
    • Custom Field dependants. Additional code and JavaScript based improvement for WebUI that allow setup CF2 Value only if CF1 was choosen. For eg: CF: Product, CF: Version, Product1 has Version 1,2,3 but Product2 has Version 1 and 2 only.
    • dynamically populated custom fields. the ability to generate a value for a custom field based on what is entered in other custom fields
    • allow default values for custom fields and allow custom fields dependants default values
    • the ability to add a new value for a custom field "in place" (like Movable Type's 'categories' interface) --TonyBowden
    • Ability to work with custom fields using the 'rt' command (or at least set values on ticket creation/edit) --RyanRoland, BrandonPulsipher
    • Linking multiple custome fields (eg SoftwareNameFieldNumberofItemsTotalpriceField)
    • The abilitiy to dynamically create copies of a custom field within a ticket (okay we need to enter another budget code, now another... )
  • More options as user preferences
    • Per user NotifyActor option
    • Change default sort order
    • allow ticket responses to be displayed in reverse order.
    • Option in Personal Preferences to save you home screen Refresh rate so it is preserved during navigation / logins
    • Permission to allow user to change their own password only and not Modify everything under their userid such as email address. Seems (ModifySelf is only option right now)
    • Configure home screen:
      • How many tickets to show
      • Which queues to show tickets for in lists
      • Which lists to have visible (ie. remember the X has been clicked)
      • Allow user-configurable "bookmarks" to queries
      • Change default queue for "New Ticket" option
  • Gantt view of queue.
  • Keyword feature. Relate a ticket to one or more keywords.
    • Please describe this more. RT3 has CustomFields(CF) which replace RT2 keywords. --RuslanZakirov
    • Think, Web 2.0ish, or slashdot's article tagging(beta), or how Gmail uses keywords instead of folders to organize email messages. It would be faster to search for resolved tickets tagged with "pluto", rather than search all ticket fields and associated comments and correspondence for mention of "pluto" or "" or "log server" or "log\nserver" or "" or ... --MosesMoore
      • Pie-in-the-sky: prompting the user with possible keywords already in the database (like autocomplete in Google or Gentle way of enforcing tidy keyword inventory. Would need AJAX to work properly, probably beyond the scope of today's RT. --MosesMoore
  • WiKi plugin to use with RT?
  • Possibility to emphasize nearly due and overdue tickets by giving them different colors in the list view
    • It would also be nice to highlight tickets that you own but were not the last person to make contact with it. It's an easy patch but would be nice to see it main stream.
  • RSS/atom feed support for queues
    • RSS feed for ticket comments (project manager can subscribe and see what activity is happening overall)
    • Isn't RSS feeds for queues going into 3.4? -- StevePeters
    • See RssFeed for more information about how to use the feeds that are in 3.4
  • Be able to use S/MIME or PGP to encrypt outgoing and incoming email. Since RT 3.4 provides custom fields for users, it would be able to store user certificates in a custom field, just need the glue to use it.
  • Rights Inheritance when creating a queue. In the short term, just being able to do something like "Copy rights from queue: xxxxxxx" would be great. Long term, it would be cool if queues could inherit rights dynamically from a specified queue. So you assign rights to 'network-outages' and then create a queue called 'network-maintenance' and tell it to get its rights from 'network-outages' -- AndyHarrison
  • Speller - Very important for International users on the reply/resolve/comment window. aspell?
  • Linking RTs. There could be instances where you want to be able to refer to tickets in queue's in another RT installation, or you might want to transfer tickets to another RT. Slightly exotic, but thought I'd put it up here anyhow :-)
    • I agree that this would be quite useful
    • With proper management, would you really need multiple RTs?
  • New sub-pane on left-hand side: tickets recently viewed (handy when establishing ticket dependencies, etc) --KevinMurphy
  • Elaboration of "Show Results" link to become a list of recent queries --KevinMurphy
  • Adding a database element to indicate the database revision. This would make upgrades significantly easier (as well as automatable, after a point). --B2Pi
  • Manage rights to enable access to RTFM content for non-privileged users. --OlivierEnault
  • A checkbox next to tickets in the search results view so that you can do an update all selected tickets at once. This is much faster than using a search at times. With this feature, I could get rid of spam much more easily. --GaryWilson
    • There is bulk update in RT for a long time.
  • Would be nice to be able to select the fields displayed in the ticket list in the web-interface, per user or per queue. Globally it can be done with editing the html template as described in DisplayCustomFieldsInTicketSearch. --RobertSander
    • This is posible in RT 3.4 and greater
  • Ability to schedule work in advance and have the ticket display at the Start Time. This is valuable when scheduling projects for future dates.
  • Hierarchal queues, so they could be in a tree structure instead of just a list. This could be done by just storing a parent queue for each queue. A queue with no parent set would be a top-level queue.
  • A simple header filtering option. "If match $header - discard()"