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(If you're a regular editor, you're probably seeing this; scroll to the last section, please? --Baylink)

Wiki Wishlist

  • I wish there was a manual for end-users, i.e. for non-privileged users. I feel that this wiki and the book are aimed at towards privileged users, administrators and developers. Of course a "real" end-user manual would be dependent on the configuration of the RT site, but a framework and a description of basic concepts and actions would still be nice. More generally, manuals/wiki for the 4 differents publics should be better separated. -- great great book RT Essentials O'Reilly Media for ALL kinds of users that would answer your request, Lnaia
  • Search is just useless.
    • We have a trouble ticket open with Wikia. Tsibley 20:34, December 10, 2010 (UTC)
  • Important areas of documentation are just missing, like TicketSQL.
  • Much of the documentation here is old and not relevant to the current version. The individual artices are not grouped in any version order and have no indication of versions. I think a version number(s) should be indicated on each article and the index as well if all the articles are put together as they are now. --Stephen Hancock
    • I'm working on the UserManual as we speak; my approach is "make it current for 3.8, and just warn people that if they're using an older version, some things might be missing or work differently". I'm not aware of any wiki that's really tuned for the multiple versions thing... though if we were really dedicated (read: if BPS were paying me to do it :-), I might try to adapt the "Which episode have you seen?" code for MediaWiki that the Veronica Mars site used to use. --Baylink
  • Searching this wiki doesn't pull back expected results. eg: Searching for "WishList Wiki" or "Reports Time" returns no results. When its hard to find information by following links the search should be better at finding relevant pages for you.
  • A knowledge base, when you post a question you can see prior questions and their answers... if the prior solutions do not work, continue with the ticket.
    • You can't quite get to here using a wiki engine, but I'm commencing to assemble Q&A onto the ManualProblems page from everywhere I can find them. I encourage assistance from others. :-) --Baylink
  • list of places to get themes for RT
  • Why are there no questions/answers related to RTFM? The "manual" here does not include the most important info--how to get articles into the RTFM system
    • This will be the subject of the next RT Tutorial, coming soon! -- Cassandra
  • While many pages do a reasonable job of flagging things that are verison specific, what about flagging things that are deprecated due to their functionality being implemented in more modern versions? -- Jerrad
    • I'm trying to note this as I go -- as an example, I refactored the "color status and priority" page to put the 3.8 material up top. --Baylink
  • Why not to use MediaWiki engine? I'm sorry but this engine is so poor (text formatting, front-end etc.).
  • When working with other RT users on a same ticket, it would be clever to be able to edit a draft response which has not been sent. Example when I write response I'm not 100% sure is right, I would like another RT user to review and accept or edit current respone.

Community Patrol for WiKi Quality

Need some 'WiKi' Moderator, who will keep an eye for 'Recent Change'. Anyone Here...? Maybe... Me ? -- Bauani

Things that are done

Wash Uni: Request Tracker. Both are free. -- ChristopherShort

  • I would love to know when the latest release of RT will be available for download, on the wiki main page. - ErnaJ
    • I added an "Announcements" section with news about the latest RT release and public training sessions on the Wiki main page. -- Cassandra
  • I added a new section, RTTutorials, which will feature RT tutorials as they are put up on the blog. -- Cassandra
  • I added a new page explaining the difference between the "Update" and "Save Changes" buttons when you are replying to/commenting on a ticket in the UI. If someone wants to please link this to wherever you think it would be useful--scrips about notification, maybe? -- Cassandra

Wiki Editors

If you're actively working on the wiki, add your username, and a short note about what you're working on regularly to this list.