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Rosetta is an online collaborative translation platform, provided by

RT translation on rosetta

Translatable string guidelines

If you are a translator and you see strings not following the guideline here, you might want to skip the entry for the moment and tell rt-devel about the string

  • strings should not contain variables like $a or $b. Use placeholders like [_1] or %1
  • strings should not begin or end with white spaces.
  • place holder variables should be simple numbers or identifiers, otherwise it should be localized. eg a literal "weekly" string in placeholder is bad.

If the translation strings you see do not conform the styles above, it's likely to be fixed later. However if you do want to translate it right away, please translate it as-is (preserving all leading/trailing whitespace and $variables). When it's fixed in the next import, Rosetta should suggest similar translations that you can reuse.

Translating using the Rosetta web UI

Sign up in launchpad and go to the rt translation page Click your language from the rosetta translation page and search for untransalted strings.

Using offline translation tools

If you want to use an offline translation tool for translating the po file, you can click on launchpad to download the po, edit it, and upload the file. the upload link can be found in the page of the language you are translating. Note that you must upload the po file in the name of <lang_code>.po, though the file you download is likely to be rt-<lang_code>.po.

You can check your po file for error before uploading:

msgfmt -o /dev/null -c --statistics LANG.po

(msgfmt is a command from the gettext package)

List of current available languages in RT

Here is the list of currently supported languages in RT. Please coordinate on individual page for translation. We recommend getting a list of RT Glossary translated and put them in the page for reference, to keep the terms consistent. You can also copy the table from the zh_TW page to start off.

If your language is not here yet, please create the language with the translated glossary on the wiki, download the pot file from Rosetta, copy it to LANG.po, and submit it here: