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Reminders can be attached to a particular ticket (and are really tickets themselves).

Each Reminder has:

  • Subject
  • Owner
  • Due date
  • Status (new, open, resolved, ...)

When given an Owner and a Due date, the Reminder will appear on that person's "At-a-glance" page by default.

You can setup RT to send notification emails about reminders due soon using rt-crontool. Add a line like the one below to your RT crontab:

   0 6 * * * root /opt/rt4/bin/rt-crontool \
                  --search RT::Search::FromSQL \
                  --search-arg 'Type = "reminder" and (Status = "open" or Status = "new")' \
                  --condition RT::Condition::BeforeDue \
                  --condition-arg 2d \
                  --action RT::Action::SendEmail \
                  --action-arg Owner \
                  --transaction first \
                  --template 'Reminder due soon'

And create a Template (Tools → Configuration → Global → Templates → Create) named "Reminder due soon" with the following Content:

   To: { $Target = $Ticket->RefersTo->First->TargetObj; ($Argument eq 'TicketOwner' ? $Target : $Ticket)->OwnerObj->EmailAddress }
   Subject: {$Ticket->Subject} is due {$Ticket->DueObj->AsString}
   Just a friendly heads up.  This reminder is for ticket #{$Target->Id}.

This will send a notification email to the Owner of the reminder 2 days before it is due.

For third-party contributed reminder notification utilities, see: