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A user that has the ModifyTicket right is allowed to make generic changes to a Ticket.

This right can be granted in the global context, or on a queue-by-queue basis.

This right can be used to:

  • ... change any ticket fields
  • ... add or delete ticket links
  • ... merge tickets, The user needs this right on both tickets!
  • ... add or delete ticket custom field values

This right allows very much, but for some of these things there are alternatives or there are restrictions:

To allow a user:


  • To change the Status from any to 'deleted' the user needs the DeleteTicket right.
  • To change the ticket into another queue, the user also needs SeeQueue and CreateTicket in the target queue. The current owner will lose ownership of the ticket if he has no right OwnTicket in the target queue
  • There are restrictions in setting the ownership of the ticket, More info can be found in the FAQ