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'Global'Rights are all Rights on system level, i.e. not restricted to a Group or Queue

List of Rights which aren't listed in QueueSpecificRights or GroupSpecificRights:

Table of rights organized by related operations
Right Object Type Access Context Allows
SuperUser System Global anything at all
AdminUsers [User] Global create/modify/delete etc.
DelegateRights [User]/[Group] Global give own rights to others
ModifySelf [User] Global change profile,password
AdminAllPersonalGroups PersonalGroup Global add/delete members
AdminOwnPersonalGroups PersonalGroup Global add/delete members
ModifyOwnMembership [Group] Group,Global remove self from group
AdminGroupMembership [Group] Group,Global add/delete members
AdminGroup [Group] Group,Global create(G)/delete/disable
SeeGroup [Group] Group,Global see group props,members
ModifyACL (+AdminGroup?) [Group] Global give GroupSpecificRights
ShowACL [Group] Global see GroupSpecificRights
ModifyACL (+AdminQueue) [Queue] Queue,Global give QueueSpecificRights
ShowACL [Queue] Queue,Global see QueueSpecificRights
AdminQueue [Queue] Queue,Global create(G)/modify/disable
ModifyQueueWatchers [Queue] Queue,Global add/delete Cc/AdminCc
WatchAsAdminCc [Queue] Queue,Global add self as AdminCc
[Watch] [Queue] Queue,Global add self as Cc
SeeQueue (+ShowTicket) [Queue] Queue,Global see tickets in a queue
AdminCustomField CustomField Global add/delete fields,values?
AssignCustomFields CustomField Queue,Global assign fields to queues?
ModifyCustomField User/[Ticket] Global edit values for objects
SeeCustomField User/[Ticket] Global see values for objects
ModifyScrips [Scrip] Queue,Global edit scrips for a queue
ShowScrips [Scrip] Queue,Global see scrips for a queue
ModifyTemplate [Template] Queue,Global edit queue/global template
ShowTemplate [Template] Queue,Global see queue/global templates
CreateTicket [Ticket] Queue,Global create new ticket in queue
DeleteTicket [Ticket] Queue,Global delete ticket
OwnTicket [Ticket] Queue,Global be owner of ticket
StealTicket (+OwnTicket) [Ticket] Queue,Global reassign from other=>self
TakeTicket (+OwnTicket) [Ticket] Queue,Global reassign from nobody=>self
ModifyTicket [Ticket] Queue,Global generic changes to ticket including change status
ReplyToTicket [Ticket] Queue,Global reply to requestor/cc
CommentOnTicket [Ticket] Queue,Global comment to owner/admins
ShowTicket [Ticket] Queue,Global see ticket & properties
ShowTicketComments [Ticket] Queue,Global see comments on ticket
ShowOutgoingEmail [Ticket] Queue,Global see mail sent for ticket
CreateSavedSearch SavedSearch Global use saved search box
EditSavedSearches SavedSearch Group,Global edit searches of group
LoadSavedSearch SavedSearch Global use saved search box
ShowSavedSearches SavedSearch Group,Global see searches for group

Full list in alphabetical order:

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