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Unofficial Installation Guide

This is an unofficial installation guide. It may be outdated or apply only to very specific configurations and versions. The official and maintained installation steps for RT are in the README and UPGRADING documents included in the official .tar.gz packages.


This page contains out of date and possibly misleading information or instructions such as installation methods or configuration examples that no longer apply. Please consider this warning when reading the page below.

Maurice Zenarosa made available to the community a machine virtual with the following characteristics: VMWARE Specs: OS: Debian Etch 4.0r4a Ram: 256 HDD: 2.0GB NIC: dhcp Installed applications: Procmail, Fetchmail, Apache2, MySQL5.0 and Request-Tracker 3.6

username: root

Password: root

i cant find kde nor startx installed

I get a 404 Page not found from this link.