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A complete list of acceptable fields for template:

Key  Name                 Meaning
 *    Queue             => Name or id# of a queue
      Subject           => A text string
   !  Status            => A valid status. defaults to 'new'
      Due               => Dates can be specified in seconds since the epoch
                           to be handled literally or in a semi-free textual
                           format which RT will attempt to parse.
      Starts            =>
      Started           =>
      Resolved          =>
      Owner             => Username or id of an RT user who can
                           and should own this ticket

To specify a To: field in a template and nothing else the first line of the template must be:

To: {$Ticket->OwnerObj->EmailAddress;}

+   Requestor         => Email address
+   Cc                => Email address
+   AdminCc           => Email address
    TimeWorked        =>
    TimeEstimated     =>
    TimeLeft          =>
    InitialPriority   =>
    FinalPriority     =>
    Type              =>
+!  DependsOn         =>
+!  DependedOnBy      =>
+!  RefersTo          =>
+!  ReferredToBy      =>
+!  Members           =>
+!  MemberOf          =>
    ContentType       => the content-type of the Content field
    CustomField-<id#> => custom field value
    Content           => content. Can extend to multiple lines.

Everything within a template after a Content: header is treated as content until we hit a line containing only ENDOFCONTENT


* required
 + may have multiple values
   repeat the field name on a new line with an additional value.
 ! postponed to be processed after all tickets in the same actions are created.

Except for 'Status', those fields can also take a ticket name within the same action (i.e. the identifiers after ==Create-Ticket), instead of raw Ticket ID numbers.

When parsed, field names are converted to lowercase and dashes (-) stripped. Refers-To, RefersTo, refersto, refers-to and r-e-f-er-s-tO will all be treated as the same thing.