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The SelfService interface is available for "unprivileged users" (see User for a definition) who have been given a password to login. You can configure RT to automatically generate a password for users by following the directions in the AutogeneratedPassword node.

自助服务 SelfServiceCN 界面对“无特权的用户”,他们被给予一个密码来登录,(参见 UserCN )是可用的。您可以按照 AutogeneratedPasswordCN 节点中的指南来配置RT为用户自动生成一个密码。

The SelfService interface only lists tickets for which the logged in user is a Requestor. If you wish for users to also see tickets for which they are CC or AdminCC, see OnCreateSetDeptHeadCc.

自助服务界面只为一个 请求者 RequestorCN ,已登录的用户,列表申请单。如果您希望那些是 抄送人 CCsCN 或者 管理员抄送人 AdminCCCN 的用户也能看到申请单,参见 OnCreateSetDeptHeadCcCN

Example: A department manager may be made CC on all tickets created by her staff so that she is be able to see what issues are currently affecting her department.


The SelfService interface is accessible by appending "SelfService" the end of your RT Web site URL. For example, if your RT Web interface is setup at, the SelfService interface would be at

自助服务界面通过在您的 RT 网站 URL 的最后加上SelfService 来访问。例如,如果您的RT网页界面被设置在 ,自助服务的界面会在