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Simple Callback to customize the 50 user limit in owner dropdowns==

Creating the Callback

Under "rt4/local/html", if you haven't already, create a directory called "Callbacks" (careful with the case).

Under your new "rt4/local/html/Callbacks" directory, create a directory named anything you like (mine is GHCITS) - This is just to help organize your callbacks.

Next, under the folder that you just created (in my case "/rt4/local/html/Callbacks/GHCITS") you will need to replicate the path to the callback we will be modifying.   The callback we are trying to intercept lives in "/rt4/share/html/Elements/SelectOwnerDropdown", so we need to make this structure exist under our new callback tree.  You do not have to include the "html" directory.  So, using my case as an example, I created:


Finally, inside the SelectOwnerDropdown directory, you will need to create a file called "ModifyDropdownLimit" (this is the name of the actual callback) that contains:

    $$DropdownLimit = 150;

    $DropdownLimit => undef

This will set the new dropdown limit to 150 (set it to whatever you wish).  This will cause a performance hit, but in my case it was slight.