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Goal in terms of real life

keep RT as a competitive system in 2014.

We like RT, we have a lot of competency related RT, but our clients require such UX as FB, gmail, etc. They want http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-page_application

Goal in terms of development

We are going to develope a brand new user interface - in v1.0 just for the most popular pages. Our goals are:

- server side: let us use RT as a stable, secure, safe, functuon rich server side system,

- user side: "click as few as it possible", few page reload, simple.

User functions

We are going to create a limited functionality in v1.0:

- login

- Dashboards

- Display.html combined included: Update.htm and all the standard and custom fields user actions. I mean: user can do all the actions on the same web page without navigation away: see the history, add comment, edit fields. No transaction CFs in the v1.0

- Results (new ajax grid, table). I mean: user can filter, sort the rows, and maybe edit the results list's fields. Without clicking away from the page.

- Create new ticket

Architecture overview

Our architecture vision is so simple:

RT <-> REST v2.0 <-> JSON <-> client's browser

REST v2.0

Technically we are going to extend the REST API for these functions, especially start a new REST version since we would like to use json.

In client's browser

AngularJS or Backbone.js