RT Jifty Experimental Schema Changes

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Columns renames

  • Columns in all tables have been renamed from CamelCase to lower_case
  • Additional renames:
nick_name           => 'nickname',
email_address       => 'email',
principal_type      => 'type',
immediate_parent_id => 'immediate_parent',
  • covered in upgrade script


  • ObjectId column has gone, it was always equal to id
    • covered in upgrade script


  • Rights delegations gone
    • every record where DelegatedBy is not null and is not equal to 0 should be deleted
      • covered in upgrade script
    • DelegatedBy and DelegatedFrom columns have gone
      • covered in upgrade script
  • PrincipalType is used for Roles only, so records where it is equal to Group or User are replaced with NULL


  • All dates around 1970-01-01 that have been used as placeholders for "Not Set" have been replaced with NULLs
    • !!! not implemented