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This is a scrip action that I found multiple requests for while I was looking for it myself, but I couldn't find any example of code that did what I wanted it to do:

If a ticket goes from being owned by "Nobody" to being owned by a regular user, anyone who is just an AdminCc because they are assigned as a Watcher for that Queue. If they're the Requestor, Owner, or have been assigned as a CC or AdminCc for the ticket itself, they keep getting mail.
==Scrip fields==
Description:  On Initial Ownership Remove Queue Watchers
Condition:  User Defined
Action: User Defined
Template: Global template: Blank
Stage: Transaction Create

User Defined conditions and actions

Custom Condition: (from Custom Condition Snippets)

my $txn = $self->TransactionObj;
return 0 unless $txn->Type eq "Set";
return 0 unless $txn->Field eq "Owner";
return 0 unless $txn->OldValue == $RT::Nobody->id;
return 1;

Custom action preparation code:

return 1;

Custom action cleanup code:

my $t = $self->TicketObj;
my $q = $self->TicketObj->QueueObj;
my $q_accs = $q->AdminCc->UserMembersObj;

while (my $q_u = $q_accs->Next) {

    unless ($t->IsAdminCc($q_u->id) or $t->IsCc($q_u->id) or $t->IsRequestor($q_u->id) or $t->IsOwner($q_u)) {
return 1;