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I had a situation where a once-privileged user had been made non-privileged, since they had left our institute, but they had email preference settings set to weekly batch.

Unfortunately, the GUI has no interface to change a user's preferences, other than having the user do it themselves. Fortunately, it wasn't too difficult to write a small perl script to delete a named user's email preference setting:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

use lib qw(/opt/rt3/lib /opt/rt3/local/lib);

use Getopt::Long;
use RT;
use RT::Interface::CLI qw/GetCurrentUser/;


my $name;

GetOptions("name=s" => \$name);

die "Usage: $0 --name=bloggs\n" unless ($name);

my $u = RT::User->new($RT::SystemUser);

my ($id, $err) = $u->LoadByCol('Name' => $name);
die("Couldn't load user '$name': $err\n") unless ($id > 0);

my $p = $u->Preferences( $RT::System );
$u->SetPreferences( $RT::System, $p);