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Unofficial Installation Guide

This is an unofficial installation guide. It may be outdated or apply only to very specific configurations and versions. The official and maintained installation steps for RT are in the README and UPGRADING documents included in the official .tar.gz packages.

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Installing Request Tracker


For the moment, rt is avaliable only on cooker.

Installing the rpm

Be sure to have contrib and main defined in urpmi.cfg.

Then, use urpmi to install rt :

urpmi rt

^^^ The above does not work as of 080506 utilizing repository. urpmi rt does not return any relavent packages.

Text below added by ----

rt-3.6.3-1mdv2007.1.noarch.rpm on Mandriva 2008.0 Powerpack the RPM install does not seem to work. Edited as per README.Mandriva and:

$ sudo rt-setup-database --action init --dba root --prompt-for-dba-password


Couldn't load RT config file %s as user root / group root.

The file is owned by user %s and group %s.

This usually means that the user/group your webserver is running as cannot read the file.

Be careful not to make the permissions on this file too liberal, because it contains database

passwords. You may need to put the webserver user in the appropriate group (%s) or change

permissions be able to run succesfully '/etc/rt/'

Search pattern not terminated at /etc/rt/ line 588.

Compilation failed in require at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/ line 151.


RPM install on Mandriva is NOT working right.

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