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This page contains tips for getting GnuPG support up and running in RT. You will need at least RT 3.8.0 for GPG support, and it is strongly recommended to use the latest release available, as the functionality is new and being improved continually.


See the perldoc for RT::Crypt::GnuPG for the overall instructions on setting up GPG support.

  • You probably want your GPG keyrings to live in a subdirectory of your RT install directory, the recommended location is $RTHOME/var/data/gpg

(!) We had to actually CREATE the $RTHOME/var/data/gpg directory, and chown it to our Webaccount (cwis) to make it work.

  • When passing gpg options in %GnuPGOptions in your, do not include the "--" at the beginning of them! The documentation is unclear on this point (as of 3.8.1), but the "--" should definitely not be included.

If you have any more tips and tricks for getting GnuPG up and running, add them here!