Embedding data in Create.html url

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It is possible to send data to RT via embedding it within a URL. This pre-fills fields on the Create page, though it does not actually create the ticket.

The default "Create a ticket" URL:


Can be augmented to include information such as the Requestor, Subject, etc.:

rt.domain.com/rt/Ticket/Create.html?Queue=7&Requestors=name@domain.com&Subject=stupid computer

You can also use this to enter information into Custom Fields. In the following example "19" is the # of the custom field, not the Name.

rt.domain.com/rt/Ticket/Create.html?Queue=7&Requestors=name@domain.com&Subject=stupid computer&Object-RT::Ticket--CustomField-19-Value=123456

Incomplete list of variables accessible via the Create.html url:

  • Queue=
  • Requestors=
  • CommentContent=
  • Subject=
  • Content=
  • Object-RT::Ticket--CustomField-nnn-Value= (where 'nnn' = custom field #)

Be aware that when embedding data into the URL you must respect special characters such as '&', ';', etc. You may need to encode special characters if you need to include them in your URL.