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See ManualInstallation for standard commands.


Configure RT to use an 'inplace' layout, using only your current directory.

Use SQLite as a database, again under your current directory.

Use your current UID/GID as the owner of all files.

$ ./configure --enable-layout=inplace --with-db-type=SQLite --with-my-user-group --with-devel-mode [--enable-gpg]

Verify you have all required dependencies

$ make testdeps

This 'installs' RT in your current directory. Basically it transforms template files to real files and creates configs and the like.

$ make installdeps

$ make install

Set up the SQLite database

$ make initialize-database

And add a line to etc/ so that the webserver starts on port 8080

Set( $WebPort, 8080 );

and you get the dev options.

Set( $DevelMode, 1 );