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This RT configuration variable (used in is the default format for RT search results.

The DefaultSearchResultFormat display syntax is the same as that used in the bottom box of the Advanced view of the search query builder.

To customize your default search result format, configure your result display settings in a search via the RT Query Builder GUI, then steal the resulting syntax from the Advanced page of the query builder.

Details: click Tickets, then New Search, then set up a query, changing the Display Columns settings at the bottom of the query builder page to describe the columns you want to be displayed. Now click Advanced and look at the bottom (second) text area. Voila. Copy and paste into your file (and restart your web server).


Set($DefaultSearchResultFormat, qq{
' __id__/TITLE:#',
'__CustomField.{Ticket Type}__',

Note: I don't know how to configure queue-specific search result formats without coding. I would dearly love to be able to do that.

  • Try making a saved search showing all tickets in that queue, make a dashboard with that saved search as described in the dashboards tutorial, and set the display columns and sorting for the saved search as shown in the ManualDashboards 'how to make a duplicate dashboard' section. That would have the effect you want, I think, although you would have to click on the dashboard from the at-a-glance pages, rather than the queue name itself.
  • If you are interested in customizing the display for search results on the basis of individual users rather than for the entire RT instance, please login to your RT instance as the user who wants to adjust their settings, go to Preferences > Search options, and customize the display on a there. (Maybe there is a better place to put this information but if so, I can't find it).