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HOWTO Customize Text in RT

If you really want to change the labels in your installation of RT, you have a few options (see the History of this entry for more), but only one sane route:

  • Create a dialect of LANG.po e.g; lib/RT/I18N/LANG_qaa.po

A local locale will prevent your changes from being clobbered on upgrade, and should also inherit any unspecified messages from superclasses, i.e; the po file corresponding to the code left of the - (or _) preceding your locale code.

To be technically correct, one should only use a "locale" between "qaa" and "qtz" Also, the resulting language option currently doesn't print that pretty in RT:

Editing the text

In your locale po file, you can make an entry for any msgstr that exists in the super file, or add a stanza like the following:

msgid "Time Estimated"
msgstr "Time Billed"

for any text wrapped in RT's language element e.g;

<&|/l&>Time Estimated</&>

In Action

Reload your server, and optionally set the system default language to your new dialect.