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To provide the ability to add a list of "blacklist" email addresses that will always be removed.

Add the following code to $RT_HOME/lib/RT/Action/

# Add the configured blacklist addresses my $site_blacklist = $RT::Blacklist; if( $site_blacklist ) { @blacklist = split( /,/, $site_blacklist ); }

These lines of code should go immediately after:

# Let's grab the SquelchMailTo attribue and push those entries into the @blacklist my @non_recipients = $self->TicketObj->SquelchMailTo; foreach my $attribute (@non_recipients) { push @blacklist, $attribute->Content; }

In the "RemoveInappropriateRecipients" sub.

Add the following property to the $RT_HOME/etc/

Set( $Blacklist, '<comma seperated list of addresses here>' );