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A totally inofficial way to implement autocompletion for requestors of a ticket.

  • modify the autohandler so it passes XMLHttpRequest objects right back to the caller
  • modify Elements/Header to include's prototype.js - note that putting prototype.js into NoAuth/images is a good idea (stored in the website, no authentication and no mason processing). Unfortunately, RT does not pick up this file if it is in the local mason component root only, so I had to put it into the main directory, failing to follow the good advice in CleanlyCustomizeRT. This has so far only been tested with RT 3.4.4/debian, so it may be a problem local to debian.
  • Add ajax calls and fitting mason components to reply

A tar archive of an example implementation is attached. Please note that the code is not very good and there are possibly a lot of ways to improve this. Opinions are welcome with the accompanied fixes (-:

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