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This is an AjaxEnhancement I'm working on...


Our helpdesk staff when taking calls have to know or ask for the caller's full email address in order to properly create the ticket. It would be nice if they could quickly lookup requesters email addresses by typing in their first or last names.

Solution (In Progress)

Here's the solution I came up with:

Add some Javascript to the Create ticket page to lookup names and email addresses as the user types into the Requesters field. When matches are found, display a dropdown menu showing matching names. The user can continue typing an email address, or select a complete name/email from the list, in which case the email address will be placed into the input box.

I haven't figured out a nice way to package this customization, and now it doesn't look like I ever will, so I'm just gonna post what I have and maybe someone will find it helpful.

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My extension uses LDAP to lookup names and addresses. This may not be appropriate for all sites. I expect it could be modified to search in RT's user database...

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