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Several days ago I downloaded Request Tracker to evaluate it as Project Managemnet / Bug Tracker / Helpdesk / Knowledge Management and Collaboration platform for a new service. Yes, I needed all in one. I was astonished by the flexibility of RT 4.0.2. It provides all of the above mentioned functionality a startup business would need.

However I did not find a Rich Text editing textarea CustomField type?!?! How a splendid tool like RT misses such "native" feature? After grepping for a day, playing with Articles and looking at the source I got (I think so) the application layout and architecture.

The Tickets already provide Rich Text editing functionality. The used editor is CKEditor. So there should be an easy way to add RichTextCustomFields functionality.

The most simple solution is to copy the EditCustomFieldText template from /whereyouinstalled/rt4/share/html/Elements/ to /whereyouinstalled/rt4/local/html/Elements/ and edit it so it start rendering as a CKEditor box.

Here is my snippet from local/html/Elements/EditCustomFieldText.

%# RichText editing of values %# for CustomField with ID 1 only please. % if($CustomField->Id == 1) { <script> CKEDITOR.replace( '<%$NamePrefix . $CustomField->Id%>-Values' ); </script> % } Thats it.