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This is Template part that allow use multiple outgoing email addresses for same queue

Where do you need it?

For example you have support@default.com and support@second.com and wish track requests in one queue with no effect for user. You set mail relaying to support@default.com from support@second.com. Queue is working but RT uses support@default.com as outgoing address for all request. Users are confused usual. He wrote to one address and gets answer from another. With this example you can track down

{use vars qw($replyto); # define global var for this template # original 'To:' my $orig_to = $Ticket->Transactions->First->Message->First->GetHeader('To'); $replyto = $orig_to || 'support@default.com'; # default if 'To:' was unspecified. return '';}From: {$replyto} Sender: {$replyto} Reply-To: {$replyto}

NOTE: Don't add any character between '}' and 'From'

See also UseActorAsSender