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Unofficial Installation Guide

This is an unofficial installation guide. It may be outdated or apply only to very specific configurations and versions. The official and maintained installation steps for RT are in the README and UPGRADING documents included in the official .tar.gz packages.

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I suspect this is getting old and as of Nov 2009 does not work.

Request Tracker (RT) under Cygwin installation instructions

  1. Install Cygwin
    1. Get it from
    2. If you already have cygwin, rerun setup.exe and let it update all packages
    3. Install the Perl and Apache2 packages
    4. ???Question: what other packages are required? autotools/etc.? mysql?
  2. (If you want to use CPAN shell) Update CPAN. You can install Test::Reporter to report success/failure to module owner. Install Bundle::RT.
  3. Download and unpack Request Tracker
  4. Follow installation Instructions in rt README file
    1. If any Perl problems arise during 'make fixdeps', run 'cpan' and 'install Bundle::CPAN' and 'reload cpan'
    2. If any modules don't install from 'make fixdeps', run 'cpan' and install from there
    3. If strange errors about directory moving/removing/etc. occur, exit cpan and remove everything under the .cpan directory (esp. build directory) and retry
    4. If tests fail (many do under Cygwin) use 'force install' and report problem to module maintainer.
    5. For serious perl problems, try asking
    6. You can report errors in the Perl modules to
  5. ??? What next after this? I only got this far... ???


I now get complaints about the groups and users that don't exist when doing 'make install' I have problems creating the groups and users that 'make fixdeps' requests... when I add them to /etc/passwd and /etc/groups, chown to root still does not work when running 'make install'

Let's see if we can get complete Cygwin installation instructions in here, I haven't been able to find any anywhere on the 'net.

FAQ for installing Request Tracker (RT) under Cygwin

  • Directory operations (for some Perl modules, for example) fail because of spaces in the directory name, as in 'Documents and Settings'
    • some programs don't handle spaces in filenames correctly. Change the users home directory to '/cygwin/home/<user>'
    • if CPAN doesn't like this change and wants to use the old directory, change the dirname in '/usr/lib/perl5/5.8/CPAN/Config.PM' to the new home directory
    • alternatively, don't change the home directory and just point CPAN to a dir without spaces
  • I get a message like "unable to remap c:\cygwin\bin\<something>.dll to same address as parent (0x1220000) != 0x1230000" - what do I do?
    • install the Cygwin package 'rebase' and run 'rebaseall'
  • some CPAN modules want to replace in-use files. How do I do this?
    • Update CPAN and retry
    • exit cpan, 'cd ~/.cpan/build/<package>' and 'make Makefile.PL;make:make test;make install'
  • Several modules fail installation under Cygwin.
    • File::Slurp - I think, this is test problem under Cygwin Perl. Skipping tests should be ok.
    • [=DBD::SQLile] - install latest. You only need this if you're going to use SQLite as data base.
    • WWW::Mechanize - install 1.20 or earlier. Note that you only need this module for testing purposes. Production users can skip it.
    • All problems of Apache::Session installation under Win32 and Cygwin are fixed in version 1.82.
  • How do I add a User under Cygwin?
$ net user NewUser password /add /yes
$ net localgroup <a_local_group> NewUser /add
$ mkpassd -l -u NewUser >> /etc/passwd
  • What UID/GID should the user 'root' have?
    • root should be 0:0 since this is what most programs expect
  • Which users and groups do I need to create?
    • Here are the users and groups that fixdeps wants:
    rt group (rt)...found
    bin owner (root)...found
    libs owner (root)...found
    libs group (bin)...found
    web owner (www)...found
    web group (www)...found