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Known Changes

New Accounts

Accounts did not come over in the migration, so you will need to create a new account. If you had content on your user page, that page should still be available.

Wikia Comments

The comments did come over in the migration from Wikia, each as an individual page. However, the ArticleComments extension is not actively supported so you won't see them at the bottom of the pages. You can find comments for a page by searching for "Talk:Page_Name". Some pages will have a link to the Legacy Comments. If you want to add a link to search for comment pages, the syntax is:

[{{SERVER}}/index.php?search={{TALKPAGENAME}}&title=Special:Search Legacy Comments]

For future discussion, we recommend using the Discussion tab.

Page Cleanup

Some of the pages with code don't seem to be rendering properly with `` tags. You can clean these up by trying to fix the formatting to get the `` tags to work. We also have the Markdown plugin installed, so you can use backticks or indent each code line at lease 4 spaces.


  • File uploads are now enabled.
  • Over the weekend of July 3-5 the wiki was hit by spam. The spam has been cleaned up, but if anyone contributed legitimate content over that time, it also was removed. More protections were added to inhibit the spam. It will be slightly more of a pain to edit, but hopefully not too much.
  • Added some configuration to enable short URLs.