Conditional Reopen Reject

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Conditional Reopen Reject lets you decide that, after a set amount of time since resolution, users won't be able to reopen a ticket.

It works with a scrip and a template, as explained below.

Setting up the scrip

We have had this customization installed for so long that I do not remember the default configuration of RT. I believe a script called "On Correspond Open Tickets" already exists in a default installation.

You have to change it (or create it if it doesn't exist) the following way.

Keep in mind that this is configured so that tickets become non-reopenable after a week since resolution. If you want a different timeframe, just change the $Days variable.

Description: On Correspond Open Tickets

Condition: User defined

Action: Autoreply to requestors

Template: Conditional Reopen Reject

Applies to: Global

Custom condition:

my $Days = 60*60*24*7; # 7 days

my $TransactionObj = $self->TransactionObj;

my $TicketObj = $self->TicketObj;

my $QueueObj = $TicketObj->QueueObj;

my $QueueName = $QueueObj->Name;

return 0 unless $TransactionObj->Type eq 'Correspond';

# begin debug section #############

my $dr = $TicketObj->ResolvedObj->Unix;

my $tt = time() - $TicketObj->ResolvedObj->Unix;

$RT::Logger->info( ">  -- Scrip 1 --\n" );

$RT::Logger->info( ">  DataRisoluzione: $dr \n" );

$RT::Logger->info( ">  TempoTrascorso: $tt \n" );

# InBound should be true only if the email comes from the original requestor

if ( $TransactionObj->IsInbound ) {$RT::Logger->info(">  Inbound\n");}

if ( $QueueObj->IsInactiveStatus( $TicketObj->Status ) ) {$RT::Logger->info(">  Inactive\n");}

# end debug section #############

if ( $TransactionObj->IsInbound &&

     $QueueObj->IsInactiveStatus( $TicketObj->Status ) &&

     time() - $TicketObj->ResolvedObj->Unix > $Days ) {

  return 1; # send mail template

} else {

  $TicketObj->SetStatus( 'open' );

  return 0; # don't send mail template


Custom action preparation code: empty

Custom action commit code: empty

Setting up the template

This is how the template should be configured:

Name: Conditional Reopen Reject

Description: Reject reopen if ticket has been closed for more than X days

Type: Perl


Subject: WARNING - TICKET REJECTED: {$Ticket->Subject}

Ticket #{$Ticket->id()} has been closed for more than 7 days: it is not possible to reopen it.

Please submit a new ticket instead.

Thank you

RT for {$Ticket->QueueObj->SubjectTag || $rtname}

OK, that's all.

I hope you enjoy it!