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Updating the Wiki is very easy.

To edit existing pages:

  • click the Edit link at the top or bottom of the page
  • edit the page contents and click save

To add new pages:

  • click the edit link on the page where you want to add the first link to the new page
  • add CamelCaseNameOfNewPage to the text of the page and click save. (What's CamelCase?).
  • you should see CamelCaseNameOfNewPage as a grey link
  • click this link and you will see an edit page for the new page
  • enter the contents of the new page and click save

If name of the new page doesn't match CamelCase notation, like REST or Ticket use REST or Ticket.

You can use the following trick as well:

  • in the URL string of your browser write http://wiki.bestpractical.com/?NameOfNewPage
  • hit enter, and yeahoo!! you're editing new page, or seeing a page that already exists, and you can edit it :)
  • This trick has a trade-off, as a new page is not linked to from any other page. People can only find it with the search box, so you have to add links later.

Additional information: