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While there are many different mail transport agents, there are a few popular ones. Arguments will vary widely (and there may be more than you imagine) depending on which one you use, but some common ones are described here.

Sendmail (and MTAs with Sendmail-like interfaces)

One of the most often-used MTAs, especially on Unix and Linux systems, is the venerable sendmail. Even when it is not in use, such as when the mail system is replaced by qmail, its wrapper or substitute often emulates it so as not to break mail clients and other mail-using applications that expect it to be installed on the system.

Option Purpose
-oi Ignore dots (.) in incoming messages. Without this option, a dot on a line by itself terminates the message.
-t Read message for recipients. To:, Cc:, and Bcc: lines in the message to determine the addressees. Addresses listed on the command line are ignored.
-f Set the envelope sender address. This is the address where delivery problems are sent to (sets return-path: header)

- Created 04/03/2009 Ed Eaglehouse