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RSS Feeds

RT has supported RSS 1.0 feeds of custom ticket queries since version 3.2. The XML::RSS perl module is required for RT to generate the feeds. It should be at least version 1.02, previously versions will not work correctly.

To create your RSS feed you need to create a query in the Tickets screen. You do not need to save the search, just create it from the selects then run it by clicking "Add and Search". The results will be displayed, along with a link for RSS on the left side. The link is the web address to get that search.

In order to access the feeds your RSS client needs to support cookies or you need to be using external authentication. Alternatively, you need to put your username and password into the URLs as &user=root&pass=password.

For FireFox you have to add the feeds manually by going to Bookmarks --> Manage Bookmarks --> New Live Bookmark. Then copy the RSS URL into "Feed location".

For Opera, add manually by going to Mail --> Newsfeeds --> New. Then copy the RSS URL into "Address".

// Is there ever going to be any support for custom RSS feeds, where things actually appear by the latest event? Or does this exist already?

Customizing RSS Feeds

You can use the share/html/Search/Results.rdf to customize your feed. You should copy this file to the local/html/Search folder before editing. For example, to include due date add the following to the dc hash:

date => $Ticket->DueObj->AsString,

In version 4.4, you can customize the file share/html/Search/Elements/ResultsRSSView. The syntax is the same as above, except you are adding the entry underneath the line that begins with "$rss->add_item("

Adding an RT RSS Feed to Outlook

Adding an RT RSS Feed to Outlook is a handy way of having a notification of any new tickets in an MS/Exchange environment. Adding a feed reasonably simple but not that polished at the moment. By default Outlook (and the RT feed) is configured to only update once per hour.

Copy the RSS feed address and Right click on the RSS Feed folder in Outlook. It will ask you for the Feed URL, paste in the address, remember to append &user=username&pass=password to the end of it.

Increasing the RT feed update in Outlook

Having a check only once per hour did not suit us here so we wanted to up the frequency of checks as our RT server is very lightly used and our team is small we wanted a check every 5 mins. The easiest way to do this is to tell Outlook to ignore the feed settings and poll more frequently. To do this you need to go into the Tools --> Account Settings option, select the RSS feeds tab, select the feed name and hit the change button. At this point you might want to tidy the RSS feed name up and make it something more meaningful if you have not already. Then untick the bottom option "Update Limit".

Next we hit CTRL+ALT+S to bring up the Send/Recieve Groups configuration (or you can find it buried in the Tools menu nested about 3 menus in). Now create a new group by clicking the New button :) and give it a meaningful name like RT RSS Feeds. Select the RSS icon from the left hand side and it should be preconfigured to Include RSS feeds in this Send/Recieve Group and make sure ONLY the RT RSS feeds are ticked. If you don't unselect the others you will be hammering them too and someplaces will block your host if you update more often than specified in the feed. Hit the OK button and you will be back on the Send/Recieve Groups configuration. Select the group you have just created and then in the Settings below the Group listings set the "Schedule an automatic send/recieve every" setting to 5 minutes (our desired update time). Hit OK and you are done. If you want to be particually tidy you could go into the Default All Groups option and unselect the RT RSS feeds from the standard checks but this is not essential.