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Create releng branch

git checkout -b 3.8.5-releng 3.8-trunk

If necessary, git cherry-pick -x sha1 to pull changes from trunk to branch

Tag the release

git tag -s -m 'release 3.8.5' rt-3.8.5

Make the archive

make snapshot

This will build you a snapshot tarball, GPG sign it and give you SHA1 sums

If you need an updated lib/RT/Generated.pm locally, you need to remove autom4te.cache and rerun configure

Upload it

scp -rvp rt-3.8.5.tar.gz  download.bestpractical.com:/opt/web/hosted/download.bestpractical.com/html/pub/rt/devel/
scp -rvp rt-3.8.5.tar.gz.sig download.bestpractical.com:/opt/web/hosted/download.bestpractical.com/html/pub/rt/devel/

When making a release, files live in rt/release and you need to make sure to update the rt.tar.gz symlink

As soon as you upload a new version into pub/rt/release/, it will be displayed on the corporate site's front page and RT product page.

Cleanup and preserve history

  1. For RT 3.8: # this guarantees that git can find tags made from releng branches
git checkout 3.8-trunk
git merge --no-commit --no-ff 3.8.5-releng
git checkout HEAD -- configure.ac
git commit
   Note in message that you undid the version bump from the branch
  1. For stable RT releases after 3.8:
git checkout 4.0-trunk
git merge 4.0.1-releng