Relaying mail from Microsoft Exchange 2007 to RT

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To flesh things out a little more here,  you can use RT with Exchange 2007 (Could work with later versions but I have not looked into this) by the below method assuming you have installed a mail server on your RT instance and configured an alias to pipe mail to rt-mailgate.

1) Setup a new Send Connector (Tells Exchange how to connect to your RT Server)

You can do this by going to Organization Configuration>Hub Transport>Add new Send Connector in the Exchange Management Console

From there basically follow the wizard.

  1. In the first screen just give an appropriate name for it e.g RT. 
  1. The next Page sets the Address Space.  The Address Space should be the FQDN of the server e.g
  2. On this page of the wizard "Network Settings" select "Route mail through the following smart hosts" click add and add your RT server as the smart host with its FQDN.
  3. I selected none for my smarthost authentication settings as the RT server only receives mail from our exchange server.
  4. Click add on the Source Server window and select your Exchange Hub Transport to be used with this connector,
  5. The wizard is now finished and the Send Connector is complete.
2)  Create a new "Mail Ccontact in Exchange. Nothing special here, just enter the details as you wish it to appear in the Directory and for the External Email Address put this as {alias} where alias is the address you have setup on the RT side and is the server's FQDN as specified in the setup of the Send Connector.

Now you should be able to send mail to the RT contact you just created and receive the auto-reply. :)

Note: If you are getting attachments in RT as Winmail.dat then open the Mail Contact and on the General tab change the setting "Use MAPI Rich Text Format" to Never.