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My company's RT info:
#REDIRECT [[User:mdfinn]]
* RT 3.8.2
* RTFM 2.4.1
* [[MySQL]] 5.0.67
* CentOS 5.1
* Apache/2.2.3
* mod_perl-2.0.2-6.3.el5
We have 5 IT users accessing daily to track/respond to requests. I've set up an "IT Viewer" role/group, with read-only permissions, so upper management can look at high-level reports or drill-down into individual tickets and see how we work. I've also set up (in addition to the 5 IT queues) 3 additional queues for other divisions. They have their own groups, permissions, users, etc., and RT does a '''spendid''' job of separation.
2009 Feb: Upgraded to 3.8.2.
2008-09-12: Just upgraded from RT 3.6.1 to 3.8.1... moved from an old piece of hardware to a VMware ESX server.
RT is on a CentOS 5.1 VM. [[MySQL]] database lives in our [[MySQL]] replicated VM back-end. (2 replicating DB servers with 2 failover [[MySQL]] proxy front-ends)
I'm '''LOVING''' 3.8.1, but I'm not sure which I love more -- the new look, new features, or the INCREDIBLY FAST performance on the new system. :D

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