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Hi! I'm Jason Long; I'm the RT system administrator at Messiah College.

Wondering what Reminders are for...

Some customizations I'm working on:

  • SendEmailAction - sends an email to a fixed address when ticket is created
  • ValidateEmail - allows custom validation routines for watcher email addresses
  • AutoCompleteEmail - auto-completion for the requestor field, using AJAX
    • allows a call-taker to type the first few letters of the caller's first or last name and then select the caller from a list of matching employees
  • new formatting module for a "wiki-text" custom field
    • uses the MKDoc::Text::Structured Perl module
    • allows XML/HTML code to be included and displayed in the custom field
  • custom-about-user
    • shows requestor's phone extension, office location, department, and image, if available, when viewing a ticket
  • generate-workflow
    • gives user a list of predefined-workflows; creates child tickets according to workflow
  • optimize unowned tickets predefined query
    • only show tickets from queues that the owner has the "own ticket" right
    • not appropriate for installations with a large number of queues (>20)

Some customizations I'm planning to work on:

  • AssetTracker
    • when a requestor is selected on the "create a new ticket" screen, I want to show assets assigned to that requestor and allow the ticket creator to select which asset is involved with the ticket