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This guide will document the process of installing RT 3.8.9 (the current release as of this writing) on Ubuntu 10.04 (the current stable LTS release of Ubuntu as of this writing).

I am writing this guide as I attempt to explore RT 3.8.9 independently for use in my company, Dakota Consulting, Inc.

What We'll be Using

  • VirtualBox 4.x
  • Ubuntu 10.04 (running in VirtualBox)
  • Request Tracker 3.8.9
  • MySQL for our database
  • Apache for our web-server


This guide assumes that you already have a working installation of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installed on a machine or within a VM (this guide uses Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop running via a VirtualBox VM).

Status of This Guide

This guide was started on 2011-03-08 and is still in the beginning stages. Feel free to add helpful steps or questions and I'll attempt to answer them!

Prerequisites: Installing Required Dependencies

Installing MySQL

Installing Apache