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'Devel'Mode - config option that allows developers to avoid server restarts and CleanMasonCache after every change. Note that this feature slow down RT and should be disabled in production environment.

This options require additional perl modules to work properly. Easiest way to install dependencies:

shell> ./configure --with-devel-mode
shell> make fixdeps

Alternative installation: Bundle::RT includes this additional modules as dependencies. Install it with cpan or cpanp shells. cpanp - CPANPLUS is not in Perl core and requires installation. If you packager has Bundle::RT (FreeBSD does not include), you can install it this way.

You can also using cpan to install dependencies (check apache/error.log for missing dependency errors):

shell>sudo cpan -i Module::Refresh

If you already have RT installed and all dependencies are met, add the following line to your file to enable Developer Mode:

Set($DevelMode, '1');

This will allow you to write to rt.log throughout your Scrip Conditionals and/or Actions like so:

$RT::Logger->info("Hello, World");