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A Custom'Field' (CF) is a user defined property, usually of a Ticket.

Each custom field has a Name, Description and Type.

RT supports the following CF types:

  • Select one value
  • Select multiple values
  • Enter one value
  • Enter multiple values
  • Fill in one text area (of which you can edit the size: ChangeCustomFieldTextAreaSize)
  • Fill in one wikitext area
  • Fill in multiple wikitext areas
  • Upload one image
  • Upload multiple images
  • Upload one file
  • Upload multiple files

You can define global CustomFields or specific to a Queue (see "CUSTOM FIELDS IN QUEUES" at ManualAdministration). They can apply to Ticket, Group, User or Ticket Transactions.

How to set up a custom field in a nutshell

First, create the Custom Field

  • Login as one with admin/superuser rights
  • Go to Configuration > CustomFields
  • Click on Create
  • Fill out the form appropriately and save changes

Next, place the Custom Field where you want it

If you have installed RTFM you can also define CustomFields for RTFM Articles 848555157547

Modify CustomField Value

RT 3.6

Use the bulk update option

RT 3.4

Try the script below based on this journal entry. This example renames 'TaskType' values that were 'Sales Call' to 'Prospect' in the 'Sales' queue.

 use strict;
 use warnings;
 use lib qw(../lib);
 use RT;
 use RT::Queues;
 use RT::Tickets;
 use Data::Dumper;
 my $queue = 'Sales';
 my $cf_name = 'TaskType';
 my $old_value = 'Sales Call'; # NB: This must be a valid value for the CF
 my $new_value = 'Prospect';
 my $tx = RT::Tickets->new($RT::SystemUser);
 my $cf = RT::CustomField->new($RT::SystemUser);
 my $q  = RT::Queue->new($RT::SystemUser);
 $tx->FromSQL(qq[queue="$queue" and "cf.$queue.{$cf_name}" = '$old_value']);
 $cf->LoadByNameAndQueue(Queue => $q->Id, Name => $cf_name);
 unless( $cf->id ) {
   # queue 0 is special case and is a synonym for global queue
   $cf->LoadByNameAndQueue( Name => $cf_name, Queue => '0' );
 unless( $cf->id ) {
   print "No field $cf_name in queue ". $q->Name;
   die "Could not load custom field";
 my $i=0;
 while (my $t = $tx->Next) {
   print "Processing record #" . ++$i . "\n";
   my $type = $t->FirstCustomFieldValue($cf_name);
   print "Old Type = $type\n";
   my ($ret, $msg) = $t->DeleteCustomFieldValue(
     Field => $cf->Id,
     Value => $type
   die "Error deleting old value: $msg" unless $ret;
     Field => $cf->Id,
     Value => 'Prospect'
   $type = $t->FirstCustomFieldValue($cf_name);
   print "New Type = $type\n";

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