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This scrip adds the new owner of a ticket to the Cc list when the owner is changed. This is useful if you want all successive (including the current) owners of a ticket to see followups of tickets.

Description: AutoCcOwner

Condition: On Owner Change

Action: User Defined

Custom action preparation code

  my $last_id = $self->TransactionObj->NewValue;
  my $temp_user = RT::User->new();
  my $last_email = $temp_user->EmailAddress();
  $self->TicketObj->AddWatcher( Type => "Cc",
                              Email => $last_email);
  return 1;

Custom action cleanup code:

 return 1;

Template: Global template: Blank

You can also change the:

$self->TicketObj->AddWatcher( Type => "Cc",

                            Email => $last_email);


$self->TicketObj->AddWatcher( Type => "AdminCc",

                            Email => $last_email);

to make this add the owner as AdminCc.

Update: thinking back: this is silly. You just need to make a script that notifies the current owner and use the AutoCcLastOwner to add previous owners.

-- Comment: I don't think it's silly. If you notify Owner and adminCC with separate scrips, you get multiple "Outgoing mail recorded" lines cluttering the ticket. This is nice and clean IMO.